Waste Removal Bournemouth

Do you have a large amount of waste that needs to be removed and taken care of properly? Then you can rely on us here at FDS Waste Services for all your waste removal and management services in Bournemouth. If your project or company produces a lot of waste and has trouble dealing with it, you can rely on professionals like us.

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Professional Waste Removal Bournemouth Clients Can Rely On

Welcome to FDS Waste Services, your number one service for all your Bournemouth waste removal needs. We specialise in all waste removal, disposal, and recycling services. We work to be an environmentally friendly company by recycling as much of our collected waste possible. We provide a wide range of services, including skip hire, rubbish collection, recycling, and even asbestos removal.

Our coverage includes commercial businesses and services for residential neighbourhoods and houses. You won’t find a service that can handle your waste as professionally as our team.

Skip Hire Services

If you have a large amount of waste piling up or are planning a big project or renovation, then our skip hire services are the best pick for you. We can help you dispose of waste in a hassle-free and safe manner by just unloading all of it in our provided skip. We can provide you with a skip to be placed right in front of your house for you to use. Once you have your skip filled, we will be there to collect it.

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Skip Hire Sizes

If you are thinking of getting a skip, you might want to consider what you are using it for. Whether you are using the skip for a renovation or just some spring cleaning, we can supply you with a skip that is precisely suited to your needs. We can offer the perfect skip for you, as our skip sizes include:

  • 2yd Mini Skip
  • 4yd Midi Skip
  • 6yd Maxi Skip
  • 8yd Maxi Plus Skip
  • 10yd Mega Skip
  • 12yd Mega Plus Skip

RoRo Skip Hire

Does your project require a skip bigger than a 12-yard skip? With our RoRo hire services, FDS Waste Services have you covered. For projects of this sort, you will need a roll on roll off container that will provide you with a high amount of flexibility when it comes to disposing of bulky or otherwise irregularly shaped waste.

Asbestos Removal Services

When it comes to hazardous waste, we have more specific solutions. There are a lot of rules that must be followed while transporting or disposing of asbestos. However, we are able to make this procedure as simple and cost-effective as possible. Our asbestos bins are designed to dispose of asbestos-containing materials and asbestos-affected materials.

Waste Removal Bournemouth

Trade Waste Removal

Operating a business is challenging, and managing everything connected with waste disposal can be frustrating. That is why FDS Waste Services provides trade waste services to anybody having a valid waste carrier licence, allowing them to use our three-acre facilities and dispose of waste by the tonne. You can make this a regular service by filling out our trade waste application.

Tip by the Tonne

Our Tip by the Tonne facility will assist anyone wishing to dispose of a large volume of rubbish in one go. All you have to do is show up and pay by card or cash, and it’s that simple! Business owners must have a valid waste carrier licence to access this service. We aim to make waste disposal a hassle-free process.

Waste Recycling

If you have a large amount of waste that you know can be repurposed or recycled, look no further than FDS Waste Services. With our years of waste management experience and our aim to be as eco-friendly as possible, we assure you of the highest quality waste recycling in Bournemouth. With our recycling facilities, we can help reduce pollution in landfills and decrease waste collection costs for our clients.

Prices for Each Waste Type

Different wastes require different approaches for disposal or treatment. This is why we charge different prices for different materials. We charge by the tonne and allow a minimum amount that varies for each type of material. For specific prices, you can visit our Price List page on our website.

Why Choose Us for your Waste Removal Bournemouth Residents?

If you are looking for a professional waste removal service in Bournemouth, FDS Waste Services is your best choice. With years of experience and a solid reputation behind us, you can rely on our large variety of waste removal and waste management services.

With our rubbish clearance services, you can rest assured that we aim to recycle all the waste to keep our service environmentally friendly. We are sure that you will be more than satisfied with our highly professional staff members and our unmatched competitive prices.


If you are interested in looking at our facilities, heavy machinery, and utilities such as skips and recycling plants that we provide, you can view them on our gallery page.

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If you are in charge of a business or are taking on a large project and suspect that it will generate a large amount of waste, FDS Waste Services is the best place for your waste removal in Bournemouth. We offer you a high quality, fast, and efficient rubbish clearance service with the most competitive prices available.

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