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Do you have a sizeable amount of waste that needs collecting? Are you planning a large job that’s bound to create a lot of waste? Or are you a business owner or manager looking to discuss a recurring waste collection service? Then you’ve come to the right place as, here at FDS Waste Services Ltd, we’re committed to providing exceptional waste clearance and disposal services in Bournemouth.

Based out of our modern, fully equipped waste recycling centre located in the heart of Poole, we’re equipped to handle a variety of waste disposal requirements. From skip hire to trade waste and hazardous waste, we offer a range of affordably priced services carried out by fully qualified and licenced waste disposal professionals.

We can tackle domestic and commercial jobs of any size, so if you need a helping hand with clearing unwanted waste from your property, we’re the team to call. Call us now on 01202 742116 to request a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Efficient Waste Collection Bournemouth Residents Can Trust

When it comes to tackling large quantities of waste, it can be somewhat of a logistical challenge. Even if you have access to a car, repeated trips to your local tip are hardly economical, not to mention you risk the state of your vehicle.

Fortunately, there is a better way, and that way is the efficient waste collection Bournemouth service provided by FDS Waste Services Ltd.

We offer a comprehensive range of services with efficient waste handling at the core of what we do. Whether you require a one-off collection or bespoke plan that includes regular collections, we’ve got solutions to fit any budget. We ensure that all waste is collected, returned to our waste recycling centre, processed, recycled, or disposed of correctly.

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Comprehensive Skip Hire Services

Hiring a skip is the most effective way to clear large quantities of waste quickly and without repeatedly driving to and from your local tip. You simply let us know (roughly) how much waste you wish to get rid of and how much space you have available. We’ll then recommend the right-sized skip to facilitate your requirements.

If it’s not possible to place the skip on private land, we’ll also liaise with the local authorities on your behalf to obtain the necessary permit.

Skip Hire Sizes

Listed below are the different skip sizes available:

  • 2yrd Mini Skip
  • 4yrd Midi Skip
  • 6yrd Maxi Skip
  • 8yrd Maxi+ Skip
  • 10yrd Mega Skip
  • 12yrd Mega+ Skip

You can find out the specific dimensions of each skip by clicking on the ‘Skip Hire’ page of our website. All sizes listed are approximate, though they may vary slightly by manufacturer.

Pick the skip you want, and we’ll arrange to deliver it. Once you’ve filled it, just let us know, and we’ll collect it and return it to our waste recycling centre. Our skips are suitable for all household waste and business waste, though advise us if you intend to dispose of hazardous waste.

RORO Skip Hire

There are some waste clearance jobs that are just too large for even a skip to handle. For instance, large construction sites, property developments, or other large commercial or industrial jobs will generate enough waste to quickly fill even the largest skip.

For these jobs, you can hire one of our RORO skips. RORO stands for ‘Roll-On-Roll-Off’, which refers to the way the skip rolls on and off the flatbed of the lorry that transports it. These skips are formidable in size, starting at 15yrds and maxing out at 40yrds!

Because of the specialist requirements to transport these skips, they are priced on a haulage and tonnage basis. A haulage fee will also apply even if collection or delivery is not possible. For this reason, we suggest that you carefully evaluate whether a skip would be sufficient for your needs.

Waste Prices

From household waste to business waste, from hazardous waste to non-hazardous waste, the price for disposal will vary depending on what it is you’re disposing of. As of April 2021, we updated the price list on our website. It now reflects how much you’ll expect to pay per tonne for disposing of different waste types.

The chart also lists what the minimum accepted amount and price will be, so please take note before you contact us to arrange waste collection. You’ll also find prices for individual items, such as mattresses, fridges, freezers, TVs, etc.

All prices on our website are listed plus VAT at the standard rate, and we accept cash or card payments.

Trade Waste

All companies are welcome to visit our recycling centre to make use of our weighbridge. The only condition is that you must hold a valid waste carrier’s licence. So long as you do, you can just drive onto the weighbridge to weigh any waste that you’d like to dispose of. We charge by the tonne for all waste that you bring to us.

You can also establish a regular service – simply fill out the form on our website to receive a bespoke quotation. We provide a professional, courteous service that accounts for your situation and offers the most competitive prices for waste disposal available.

Safe Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a highly hazardous material that was once commonly used in construction. While its use is now prohibited, it is often found in buildings throughout the UK. When it’s disturbed, damaged, sawn, or drilled into, asbestos-containing materials release fibres into the air. These fibres enter the lungs and lead to serious, even terminal illnesses.

At FDS Waste Services Ltd, we supply asbestos bins specifically designed for the collection and containment of asbestos-containing materials. Plus, our team are highly trained and fully licenced to collect and dispose of asbestos safely. They’ll know precisely what to look for and the best way to extract and contain the contaminated materials without causing undue risk to you or your family.

WEEE Removal and Recycling

WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. As our lives revolve more and more around appliances and gadgets, more and more electronic and electrical devices need to be disposed of.

The issue with WEEE items is that they usually contain hazardous materials, such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, that can leach into the environment. This can harm humans and animal life and prove highly destructive to the environment.

In line with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Part II, Waste Management Licencing Regulations 1994 (as amended), Regulations 17 and 18, and Schedule 3, all WEEE must be stored and recycled correctly.

Under no circumstances must WEEE be placed alongside household waste or business waste in landfill sites. If you have WEEE to dispose of, let the team at FDS Waste Services Ltd know, and we’ll provide you with a safe, affordable, and legally compliant solution.

Why Choose us For Your Waste Collection Bournemouth Residents?

If you’re looking to hire a team of professionals renowned for providing the best and most affordable waste collection services in Bournemouth, then call us today. We provide a premier range of services that encompass waste recycling and management, asbestos removal, WEEE recycling, and much more.

All our services are competitively priced and carried out by our team of fully licenced and certified waste disposal professionals. Whether you’re a private individual or contacting us on behalf of a business, we can provide you with a bespoke solution tailored to your needs and budget. We work alongside local authorities, too, so you can trust that we can handle your waste collection requirements.


See our gallery for images that showcase our various services as well as the skips that we have available for hire.

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