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Do you suspect that your property has asbestos? Have you been searching for an experienced team to identify if asbestos is present and remove it for you? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at FDS Waste Services Ltd are the premier team for asbestos removal Bearwood has to offer. 

We have years of experience in removing asbestos from properties and disposing of it safely and legally. As such, you can trust us to handle the asbestos on your property carefully. To find out more about our asbestos removal services, you need only give us a call today on 01202 742116

Professional Asbestos Removal Bearwood Clients Can Trust 

 When it comes to having asbestos removed from your property, you will want to make sure you are working with a reliable and experienced company. After all, asbestos is an extremely dangerous material when it is damaged or disturbed and breathing in the fibres can lead to serious health risks, so it needs to be handled carefully. This is why so many clients turn to us at FDS Waste Services Ltd, as we are the premier company for affordable asbestos removal Bearwood has to offer. 

We have years of experience in handling asbestos containing materials, and we come fully equipped with the correct equipment and safety gear. Our team can remove and dispose of any type of asbestos carefully and safely, in-line with all government regulations. 

Why You Need a Professional Company for Asbestos Removal 

If you have asbestos on your property, you will need a professional company to carry out asbestos removal, Bearwood residents. This is because asbestos is a harmful material when it has been damaged or disturbed in any way. The fibres making up asbestos become airborne and breathable, and breathing these fibres in can lead to serious health issues. 

As such, asbestos always needs to be handled, removed, and disposed of by a professional team with the relevant experience and qualifications. We are a regulated business when it come to handling asbestos, and you can trust us to work to all health and safety measures. 

Asbestos Dangers 

As we mentioned above, asbestos is a harmful material when it has been disturbed or damaged, ad the fibres making up the material become airborne. Inhaling these fibres can cause some serious health issues, including mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer, asbestosis, and pleural thickening.  

In some cases, these health issues can become fatal, so it is critical that asbestos is taken care of quickly and safely by a professional team. 

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How Do You Know If Your Property Has Asbestos?

Asbestos was widely used in construction before the year 2000, so any building constructed before this year is likely to have asbestos present in some form. As such, it is extremely important to check your property for any signs that asbestos is present, but how do you know if your property has asbestos?  

Asbestos was widely used in insulation, interior wall paint, ceilings, and more when constructing properties before the year 2000. It is important to have these areas surveyed for asbestos and check for rips, abrasions, or water damage in these areas. However, to detect asbestos in the property, samples will need to be taken and sent away for testing and analysis, as this is the only conclusive way to determine is asbestos is present in your property. 

Our Highly Accredited Specialists 

Here at FDS Waste Services Ltd, our team are all highly accredited specialists when it comes to asbestos. We are all highly qualified to handle asbestos containing materials, so you can trust our team to carry out your asbestos removal in Bearwood. Our team will know exactly where to check for asbestos, and what to check for when determining if asbestos is present. 

Once we have determined the presence of asbestos, we will know exactly how to proceed in safely removing it from your property. Plus, we take care of any paperwork too.  

More Than Just Asbestos Removal  

At FDS Waste Services Ltd, we are a premier waste management company and, as such, we can offer much more than just affordable asbestos removal in Bearwood. Our clients can also rely on us for a wide range of other services too, including: 

You can find out more about some of these waste management services by reading below. 

Efficient Waste Handling  

We are a reliable and experienced waste management company that offers efficient waste handling for our clients in Bearwood. Our team can take the stress and hassle of waste disposal off your shoulders by handling it all ourselves. We are licensed in all aspects of waste collection and disposal, so we can assist you regardless of your requirements. 

If you have a large amount of waste that you need disposed of, or you need to clear out sections of your property, we can assist. We have the experience and equipment to handle this for you and the facilities to dispose of and recycle any waste materials. 

Tip by the Tonne 

We offer a handy tip by the tonne service for those that have large amounts of waste they need to dispose of. This service is available to all clients, both commercial and domestic, and you can come to our three acre site and use our weighbridge. You pay by the tonne to dispose of your waste materials at our site, which is a cost effective and hassle free method. You can use tip by the tonne as a one time service or, if you regularly have large amounts of waste materials to dispose of, you can set up an account.  

RoRo Hire 

Skips are a popular method for collecting and disposing of rubbish, but what if your rubbish won’t fit in a normal skip? If you have too much rubbish to dispose of, or it is bulky and awkwardly shaped, you can hire a RoRo skip from us at FDS Waste Services Ltd. We offer efficient and affordable RoRo hire in Bearwood, and our containers come in a range of sizes. 

These containers range from 16 cubic yards right on up to 40 cubic yards, so you are sure to find one that suits your requirements. We can deliver it at a convenient time and collect it too, or we offer a wait while you load service. This is where we arrive with your container, wait while you load the rubbish, then take it away on the same day. 

Waste Price List  

You can check out the price list on our site to see the affordable rates at which you can dispose of your waste materials at our facilities. 

Asbestos Removal Bearwood

Why Choose Us for Your Asbestos Removal, Bearwood Residents?  

Here at FDS Waste Services Ltd, we are a leading specialist when it comes to the disposal and recycling of all waste materials, both commercial and domestic. We have many years of experience in the industry and boast a highly qualified team, so we can take on any waste handling request sent our way, including affordable asbestos removal, Bearwood residents. 

Our team are all highly qualified in the collection and disposal of asbestos, and we are accredited by the government to handle this type of hazardous waste. You can trust our team to always work with health and safety in mind when removing asbestos from your property, ensuring it is done correctly and safely.  

We handle every aspect of your asbestos removal in Bearwood, as we are qualified asbestos removal contractors. From the collection and disposal to the legal paperwork, we can handle it all for you. 


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